A Letter From Vadim Neselovskyi

I would like to write a short reflection on my recent time in the Bay Area as a first artist to be presented by the newly formed Ridgeway Arts. World-class bassist and composer Jeff Denson, known for his work with Lee Konitz, Enja records and Minsarah, among others, has created something very inspiring and important.[…]


Press Release – Announcing Ridgeway Arts

Renowned Jazz Bassist/Composer/ Educator/Community Activist Jeff Denson Spearheads Ridgeway Arts, Inc. New Non-Profit Serving Bay-Area Jazz Scene “The arts are fundamental to our humanity. They ennoble and inspire us — fostering creativity, goodness, and beauty. The arts help us express our values, build bridges between cultures, and bring us together regardless of ethnicity, religion, or[…]