Internationally acclaimed pianist/composer Edward Simon joins Ridgeway Arts – Music Monthly

Simon will serve as Associate Artistic Director and release albums on Ridgeway Records including Edward Simon 25 in May 2020

The non-profit Bay-area Ridgeway Arts is brainchild of world renowned jazz bassist/vocalist/composer/educator Jeff Denson

Ridgeway Arts, Inc. the Bay-area nonprofit run by world renowned bassist/vocalist/composer/educator Jeff Denson, has named acclaimed Venezuelan pianist/composer Edward Simon as Associate Artistic Director.  In this new role, Simon will work with Denson to help curate the various Ridgeway Arts programs, such as the concert presenting series, Ridgeway Arts Presents.  Ridgeway Records will also release Simon’s recordings including Edward Simon 25, a retrospective of his 25-year-career as a recording artist in May 2020 and a Solo Live album in 2021.

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