Ridgeway Records


Ridgeway Records has been conceived with an innovative plan in a partnership mode where the artists share revenue, team resources, marketing and distribution – all integrated within the overall plans of Ridgeway Arts.

The first album – the aforementioned Jeff Denson Trio + Lee Konitz – was released in the summer of 2015. There are currently four new projects in motion. Alan Hall’s six-member Ratatet, featuring Denson and Hanson, along with trombonist John Gove, vibraphonist Dillon Vado and Greg Sankovich on keyboards – and described by Hall as “a modern-oddball-jazz sextet” – will be releasing its debut album Arctic in March 2016. Denson takes another angle on his Trio plus concept with a new permanent quartet that adds Paul Hanson to the mix, and their recording will be issued later that year. Other upcoming albums will include the first album by Electreo, Opaluna’s self-titled release, Ian Faquini and Paula Santoro’s duo album, Metal na Madeira as well as Paul Hanson’s Homecoming, a sweeping exploration of Jewish music for a sextet of bassoon, violin, guitar, cello, bass and drums. Learn more about Ridgeway Records and its artists at ridgewayrecords.com.


Ridgeway Arts is dedicated to developing the Bay Area educational and performance scene. Your support enables us to sustain a variety of programs and meet administrative and operational objectives. Basically, your contributions keep us moving forward in our mission to further the preservation and growth of jazz and related styles of music .

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