A Letter From Vadim Neselovskyi

I would like to write a short reflection on my recent time in the Bay Area as a first artist to be presented by the newly formed Ridgeway Arts.

World-class bassist and composer Jeff Denson, known for his work with Lee Konitz, Enja records and Minsarah, among others, has created something very inspiring and important. Ridgeway Arts combines roles of a) a presenter, bringing artists to the Bay Area for live shows, b) as an educational initiative, offering workshops by visiting artists in local colleges and high schools, and c) as a record label, releasing project with established musicians and also promoting debuting artists. We all know how hard it is for non-commercial art to survive in our very commercial times. We also understand that something very important in our life depends on it, and it needs to be shared with the younger generations..

I am deeply amazed by what Jeff Denson and his team at Ridgeway have created. In just 3 days I

  • gave a fun workshop at California Jazz Conservatory, where an advanced student band prepared and played my compositions for me.
  • worked with students of Napa Valley High School, who also managed to play my composition Last Snow.
  • played 3 concerts solo and in duo with Jeff Denson at 3 beautiful venues in San Jose, Napa and Berkeley. The audiences were great!
  • gave a 3-hour interview for an upcoming podcast series on Ridgeway Radio called “On the Scene SF/O” with an interviewer named Andrew Lion, who was incredibly prepared and knowledgeable about my work..

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All these events were covered by 4 Bay Area publications.

This is just a dream, isn’t it? I highly encourage amazing musicians out there to support this beautiful initiative, and everyone who wishes to support art and education, to donate to Ridgeway Arts. It’s worth it!

Vadim Neselovskyi

May 8, 2016