Message From The Director

jeff_4360_lgIn the United States today, for people to seek proper nutrition for the body, mind and soul a great challenge lies ahead of them. One must be prepared to dig deep to find this nutrition because society as a whole is force-fed fast food, both literally and figuratively in regards to culture.

It’s not that proper nutrition is lacking in the country, because in fact there is a plethora of it if one is willing and able to seek it out. In regards to culture, mass media and big business in this country, in essence, control all that is “fed” to the public. This means that what is marketed to us is not based on quality but instead solely on dollar figures – what can be easily reproduced and replicated for mass consumption.

What this means for art and music is that the most simplistic and superficial forms are what’s being pushed to the populace through all forms of major mass media. Without being specifically guided by someone to more substantial and original music, people receive their information from the media.

It is my intention and hope that Ridgeway Arts will serve as a beacon for people seeking more substantial options when it comes to music, arts and culture and help to work as an advocate for the arts in the United States.

Under the various programs Ridgeway is currently offering and in the planning stages for, we aim to draw attention to the arts and help to foster an international community of engagement, with a special emphasis on the San Francisco Bay Area’s jazz and new music scenes. In order to reach our goals we:

  • Provide platforms for artists to launch their work and have a support system to maximize their potential
  • Disseminate information on artists and their projects through our
    • websites
    • podcast series
    • social media pages
    • press releases
  • Engage in ongoing efforts to develop and maintain audiences members and supporters
  • Nurture the younger generation by offering guidance and educational opportunities and assistance in their entrance into the professional arts world

 I hope you’ll be inspired by what we’re up to and will join our community!

Dr. Jeff Denson, D.M.A

Founder and Artistic Director